Residential Living Support

At Haven Hills we believe that offering our clients supportive containment, while also creating opportunities for real life triggers, provides those we are working with the ability to begin navigating the complexities of living a well-balanced life within the context of a residential living environment. Of course our team recognizes that for some this level of care will be a transitional goal, however for many of the women who come to Haven Hills, this non-traditional housing option serves as a beautiful alternative to traditional residential treatment and can be utilized for both short and long term treatment support.

We have a patient advocate house manager living in the home and additional support staff providing non-clinical support to individuals living in the home and going through our treatment program.  Our housing staff provides family style meals, food preparation assistance, case management and life skills support, transportation, and emotional support to all of our residents.  Clients are provided opportunities to engage in weekly outdoor and social outings with staff and peers and to become part of a supportive recovery community.  Support staff will also provide or aid in arranging transportation to recovery meetings, jobs, volunteer opportunities, etc.  Our goal in providing a recovery based living option to our clients to develop healthy life patterns while engaging in treatment in order to ensure a smoother transition into a recovery based life.

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