PHP Treatment

At Haven Hills, our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), also known as PHP treatment, is an extended day treatment program aimed at treating adult women suffering from eating disorders and co-occurring addiction related to underlying trauma.  Our trauma-informed treatment program provides 8 hours of clinical support from a multi-disciplinary treatment team each day.  Our clinical and nutritional programming takes place Monday through Friday from 7:00am to 3:30pm and includes a variety of therapeutic and experimental components.  We understand that each woman who comes through our door has a unique set of needs and we work in a collaborative manner with each individual and their family to tailor a treatment plan that meets each individual’s where they are.


PHP treatment is a very important step on the recovery journey, it provides individuals with 40+ hours of clinical support while encountering and addressing real-life stressors that individuals are protected from at higher levels of care.  Day treatment allows our clients to maintain a high level of therapeutic support while navigating environmental, familial, and social stressors.  In other words, it is where treatment and life start to integrate which is necessary for long-term recovery to persist.  Our PHP can be utilized as a step down for individuals coming from a higher level of care, as a step up for individuals requiring increased support, as a first step in the recovery process, or any combination of the sort.  Our specialized treatment team comes together and develops creative plans for each individual’s life and treatment situation.


Our PHP treatment consists of a combination of group, individual, and family therapies and interventions as well as 2 Therapeutic meals and snacks each day.  Clients are assigned a primary therapist and Registered Dietitian upon admission that conducts their individual, family, and nutritional sessions and collaborate with the client throughout their treatment journey.  In addition to general therapeutic and nutritional services, our Registered Dietitians also conduct group and individual experiential and exposure opportunities, including restaurant and grocery outings and Exposure Response Prevention (ERP) sessions.  The primary therapist and Registered Dietitian also coordinate care with any outside services and assist in transitioning clients other levels of care when clinically appropriate.


We strongly believe in the importance of involving family/support members in the PHP therapy process and we require each client to include at least one support individual in their treatment plan.  Our clinicians incorporate a weekly support session into each individual treatment plan; either in person or through online video chat.  We also provide multi-family groups and weekend family workshops on a regular basis to ensure our clients’ families are engaging in their own personal recovery process in order to facilitate healing on a familial level, reducing the chance of relapse and increasing sustainable recovery.

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