Family and Loved Ones

When someone you love has an eating disorder, life can be stressful, especially at mealtimes. You may be at your wits end and not know how to help, despite your strong desire to do so. We at Haven Hills are dedicated to helping your loved one – and you – recover from the devastating effects of this disorder, and we can do it together.

In addition to focusing on the effects that the eating disorder has had on your loved one, we also focus on what it has done to you and to your relationship with her, and know that ALL of you have been suffering. Our program can offer you specific tools to help renegotiate your relationship, without the eating disorder in the middle of it.

Through both educational and experiential techniques, our program offers an opportunity for all of you – patient and family/friends/loved ones – to learn more about eating disorders (including how it’s connected to trauma) and about the process of recovery. Utilizing experiential techniques, you’ll learn more about the disease your loved one is suffering from and how you can play a role in helping her – and yourself – recover the pain, anxiety and trauma of living with this disorder on a daily basis.

You will have the opportunity to practice preparing and eating meals together, with and without the assistance of our Haven Hills team, which may also include going and sharing a meal together, knowing that the Haven Hills Clinical Team will assist you in practicing for this outing, and processing all that happened upon your return. Other experiential exercises can provide you with practical tools on how to handle situations in your day to day life with your loved one, so that you can begin to not only answer the question of, “What do I do when…?” and to integrate it into your everyday life.

So many eating disorder programs focus on what is wrong with your loved one: we focus on what’s right with her – and with you. We will support you in discovering what your strengths are, and how to leverage those to best help yourself in the recovery process, and as a result, help your loved one.

The help doesn’t stop once you leave our Haven Hills Recovery. We will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to monitor your loved one’s progress – and your own – and assist you in finding sources of healing in your own community so that you can recover from the impact of this disorder as well. We are here to help – your loved one and you – and we look forward to co-creating a plan for all of you that will continue to move you together in a direction of greater health, connection and love.

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