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Haven Hills Recovery is a trauma informed treatment program located in the beautiful hills of San Diego. We specialize in treating women with trauma, addiction, eating disorders, mental health issues, unhealthy relationships, and self harm. Haven Hills was created as a healing space to treat the complex relationship of these disorders in one program. Our highly trained professionals create an individualized experience that speaks holistically to each challenge as they relate to one another. In treating every aspect of the client, including integrative family work, this comprehensive approach will allow healing and freedom for you and your family.

Trauma Informed Care

“Haven Hills Recovery literally saved my life…  The small, personalized, safe environment was certainly a fit for me. 
DM – HHR alumna

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Our Mission
Provide a safe, trauma informed space for personalized and compassionate women’s care.


Welcome to Haven Hills. We are located in the beautiful hills surrounding San Diego, California. We offer a safe, comfortable, structured program for women. Our comprehensive, integrated treatment approach specializes in trauma informed care and addresses the often co-occurring symptoms.

For many women, eating disorders and addiction are symptoms of underlying trauma. These symptoms can serve as coping mechanisms for some time, often years, before they begin to negatively impact one’s health and relationships. They can even overshadow the root problem. In the end, these behaviors can have a devastating effect on the individual and their loved ones. If you are experiencing feelings of isolation, hopelessness, anxiety, a lack of control, or shame – we understand. You are not alone. We can help.

At Haven Hills, we work to help our clients heal, to find health, happiness, and long-term recovery. We love what we do because we get to see the miracle of healing and recovery take shape in our clients every day.

Why is our approach so successful? Because we don’t just treat symptoms, we focus on the underlying causes that are driving destructive behaviors and choices. Our clients explore the interconnectedness of their trauma and coping mechanisms. They tap into skillsets they already have, but may not be accessing. Our supportive, professional staff help clients come to realize that they are not broken, but beautiful, whole people working toward growth and healing. A truly transformative experience is waiting for you.


Embrace healing.  Step into freedom.  Join us.



What We Treat

We offer a full spectrum of services including partial hospitalization, outpatient services, and structured living for women struggling with any of the following:

  • Trauma
  • Eating disorders
  • Addiction
  • Co-occurring conditions (anxiety, depression, bi-polar)
  • Unhealthy relationships
  • Family conflict
What Makes Our Program Unique?
Our vision at Haven Hills is to offer the best transitional programming for women in the United States, focused on integrative, trauma-informed treatment. Our program is unique in several ways.
Haven Hills Recovery – Trauma Informed Care for Women