Haven Hills Recovery is a treatment program located in the hills of San Diego specializing in the treatment of women with eating disorders who may also be struggling with substance abuse or trauma. Haven Hills was created as a healing space to treat the complex relationship of these disorders in one program. Our highly trained professionals create an individualized experience that speaks holistically to each challenge as they relate to one another. In treating every aspect of the client, including integrative family work, this comprehensive approach will allow healing and freedom for you and your family.

Haven Hills Recovery

“Haven Hills Recovery literally saved my life.  I was admitted to Haven Hills very reluctantly.  I had a previous experience in another eating disorder facility that was nothing short of a nightmare and I vowed I would never return to treatment again.  When I reached a dangerously low weight I relented to enter Haven Hills due to my family’s insistence.  What I found was an extremely well qualified, supportive staff that met me with compassion, dignity and love.  I not only began my journey to a healthy weight and relationship with food, but also received the tools and support to continue once I left their care.  I would highly recommend Haven Hills Recovery to anyone struggling with an eating disorder and/or other related disorder.  The small, personalized, safe environment was certainly a fit for me. It was definitely a life changing experience for which I am thankful for every day.”
DM – HHR alumna

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Our Mission

Our goal at Haven Hills Recovery is to enhance the lives of every individual who walks through our doors including clients, families and staff. At Haven Hills, we put people first which means you will receive exceptional care from passionate, highly-trained professionals that have created a program of healing and freedom designed specifically for you and your family.

Eating disorders can have a devastating impact on the individual and their loved ones. If you are experiencing feelings of isolation, hopelessness, anxiety, a lack of control, or shame – we understand – you are not alone. Eating disorders are often a symptom of underlying issues and typically serve as a coping mechanism for those who suffer. We know you have suffered long enough at the hands of trauma, anxiety, and measuring your life and self-worth by a number. We will work together to help you find freedom from the stories that bind you, by celebrating the body that houses your soul and expressing yourself authentically in everything you do.

What Makes Our Program Different?

Our treatment program has three fundamental building blocks – our team, our therapeutic approach, and a warm healing environment.
Haven Hills Recovery – San Diego Eating Disorder Treatment